Course Curriculum

In this chair massage class, you learn 7 seated PPS Techniques that you can incorporate into your existing Chair Massage Routine. Learn how to treat Rhomboid and QL Pain from the IT Band and C1 Pain from the Chin and face. These tools are designed to help you easily transition the chair massage client to a table client. This is also a great way to introduce PPS Techniques to someone who has never experienced them before.

  • 01

    Chair Massage with PPS Techniques


    • Welcome to PPS Chair Massage!

  • 02

    PPS Chair Massage Course Content

    • Course Objective

    • Tools and Hands-Saving Tips

    • Introduction to PPS Chair Massage and/or Seated Massage

    • Opening Strokes, Assessment, and "Poke Test"

    • Rhomboid Chair Technique

    • Rhomboid PPS Table Technique

    • QL Chair Technique

    • QL PPS Table Technique

    • Occipital Ridge Chair Technique

    • Occipital Ridge PPS Table Technique

    • Cervical Spine Chair Technique

    • Cervical Spine PPS Table Technique

    • Neck & Shoulder ROM Chair Technique

    • Neck & Shoulder ROM PPS Table Technique

    • Inferior Trapezius Trigger Point Chair Technique

    • Inferior Trapezius PPS Table Technique

    • Hip Transfer Sciatica Chair Technique

    • Hip Transfer Sciatica PPS Table Technique

    • Closing Strokes

  • 03

    Sales for Chair Massage

    • How To Sell Your Hands with Chair Massage 20:02 min

  • 04

    Test and Certificate

    • Chair MassageTest

  • 05


    • Survey for Chair Massage with PPS Techniques

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