Course Curriculum

In this introductory course, you will gain new insight into how natural healing actually works. We jump into the idea of energy as something tangible; a thing we only have so much of. Then we learn how energy gets distributed throughout the body. And then we learn what happens when we don’t have enough energy. Lastly, we bring in how to help the body create energy to heal itself through natural healing applications. This is a universal class that applies to all types of bodywork and natural remedies.

  • 01



    • Welcome to the Introduction to PPS Concepts

  • 02

    Introduction to PPS Concepts: Energy, Inflammation and Healing

    • Webinar Training 47 minutes

    • Manual for Introduction to PPS Concepts

  • 03

    Test and Certificate

    • Test for Introduction to PPS Concepts

  • 04


    • Survey for Introduction to PPS Concepts

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