Course Curriculum

This is a course on the different attributes of the single essential oils that are used in the PAINLess blends and why they are blended together for their synergistic effects. This class is a great place to start learning about essential oils in general. In the 2nd half of the class, we learn when, why and how to use these specific blends on the clients whose pain patterns fit with the oils. * See PAINLess Oils Resource Webinar

  • 01

    PAINLess Aromatherapy Class


    • Welcome to the PAINLess Aromatherapy Class!

    • PAINLess Essential Oils Manual PDF

    • PAINLess Essential Oils Webinar Part 1, 47:31 min.

    • PAINLess Essential Oils Webinar Part 2, 40:32 min.

    • PAINLess Essential Oils Webinar Part 3, 43:23 min.

    • PAINLess Oils Application Video & Charts

  • 02

    Resources for Oil Charts

    • Use Instruction Page

    • Inflammation and Autoimmune Oil Profile

    • Adrenal Fatigue Oil Profile

    • Decompress (Formerly Fibromyalgia) Oil Profile

    • Stability Oil Profile

    • Anxiety Relief Oil Profile

    • Depression Relief Oil Profile

  • 03

    Test and Certificate

    • PAINLess Oils Test

  • 04


    • Survey for PAINLess Aromatherapy Class

Course Pricing

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