Course Description

Learn about the 6 premier blends of the PAINLess line of essentials oils. This line of oils is designed to work with specific, pain-draining conditions to help you with achieving better goals for the massage session with these types of clients. Main Oils: Inflammation and Autoimmune Blend, Adrenal Fatigue Blend, Fibromyalgia Blend, Stability (mood balance), Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depressant Blends.

  • 01

    Discussions on PAINLess Essential Oils


    • Full Essential Oil Presentation (45 min)

  • 02

    Individual Presentation of Each Oil (from full webinar)

    • A. PAINLess Essential Oils Introduction

    • B. Where PAINLess Oils started

    • 1. PAINLess Inflammation and Auto-Immune Essential Oil

    • 2. PAINLess Adrenal Fatigue Essential Oil

    • 3. PAINLess Decompress (formerly Fibromyalgia) Essential Oil

    • 4. PAINLess Stability Essential Oil

    • 5. PAINLess Anxiety Relief Essential Oil

    • 6. PAINLess Depression Relief Essential Oil

    • 7. PAINLess Combinations, Packages, and Retail Sales

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